As an undergraduate at BYU I minored in editing.  While I enjoy making someone’s writing the best it can be I find much greater fulfillment in working on the design side. For the capstone project in this program each class develops the next issue of a magazine. I worked on the Winter 2011 issue of Stowaway Magazine. I worked as a senior designer for this issue and had a hand in many of the designs in this magazine. Specifically I oversaw designs in the “culture” department.  Feel free to flip through the online edition of the magazine.  You can see a selection of the articles I designed on pages: 11, 13, 18, and 20-21. I was also privileged to develop an advertisement, for a study abroad program, that ran in this issue on page 29.

Since working on Stowaway Magazine I have also done a handful of other designs, mostly flyers and announcements for events I’m a part of.