Books from my workshop at NBSS--summer 2012During my undergraduate work at BYU I took a bookbinding class for fun one semester. I had heard it was really good and it sounded interesting. It was amazing, by far one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken.  We learned a variety of skills and made books in several different styles.

BYU experience

After taking that class I couldn’t help but bind on my own. And after I moved to Boston I decided that I wanted to take one of the workshops that North Bennet Street School offers from time to time. In the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to take a workshop offered there. It was a Historic Models for Conservators course. The class was designed for students in the various art conservation programs to teach them important bench skills for their future as conservators. I learned a lot about the history of binding and gained a lot of important skills. I think the things I learned will prove very valuable as a rare book librarian. It was a phenomenal class. There is just nothing quite like spending a month working with your hands 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

NBSS experience

I’ve made a number of books as gifts for friends and I’ve just recently begun creating books on commission. If you’re interested in commissioning one please contact me and I can give you an estimate.

Other experience

You can also view examples of some of the books I have made by visiting my gallery.