As part of the coursework for my MLIS I have worked on several different projects that provide resources to people.

As part of my technology course (LIS 488) I developed (in a small group) a tutorial that details using LibraryThing, and some of its features.  You can find the tutorial below, as well as a link to the video tutorial we developed.

LibraryThing Tutorial

LibraryThing Tutorial–video presentation

For my reference course (LIS 407) I developed an online pathfinder to aid Cantabrigians (and other Greater-Bostonians) who are looking for resources about cooking vegetarian food. You can find a link to this pathfinder below.

Eat Vegetarian in Cambridge

I also developed a simple HTML webpage for one of my courses. This simple page showcases my introductory level skills with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The webpage was originally hosted through Simmons College and you can now see a screen shot of what it looked like through the link below.

North and South webpage