My name is Emily Underwood. I’m an alumna of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston. My dream is to become a rare book librarian someday, though I love providing reference services at academic and public libraries too.

Within the broad scope of rare books I am particularly fond of nineteenth and early twentieth century cookery books. Victorian England is my passion. I’m a budding collector and am slowly growing my own collection of cookbooks, though presently they mostly date from early- to mid-twentieth century.

To go with my love of antiquarian cookery books I also love modern cookbooks and cooking from them. More specifically I love baking desserts—cool, creamy ones.  Ironically, while I love Victorian cookery books—which often don’t have many pictures at all—I really hate it when modern cookbooks don’t have full color photographs for every recipe.

During my undergraduate years I took a bookbinding course that opened me up to the world of bookbinding. Bookbinding is something that I love and has become my main hobby. I’m just beginning to sell my books and if you’re interested in commissioning one I have details on my contact page.

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While I certainly would never claim to be any kind of decent photographer, very rarely my camera surprises me and takes a semi-decent shot. That being said, all the photographs on this site were taken by me unless otherwise noted. Should you want to use one for something, please contact me for permissions.